Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Truth Telling

I told the truth today
Sometimes the truth isn't what you want to hear.
Sometimes the truth is messy. It gets all over your hands and stuck in your hair and tracks mud through the house
Sometimes the truth is bold and loud and demanding, roaring and stomping and bellowing
Sometimes the truth comes softly, in whispers, on the wind and through other people and through the voices in your own head
Sometimes the truth is scary

One of the things I've been trying to do for a while now is to live my truth. That is easier said than done. It's hard to live your truth when you're grumpy and angry and annoyed or when you're sad and scared. It's hard to keep living from that honest place when it feels like there is nothing left.
And yet, at the same time, I know that maintaining that honesty and that truth telling is a huge part of my healing journey

So I've been gathering wisdom, learning from poets and teachers and brilliant minds.
They are teaching me to live in this skin I'm not sure I belong in, how to breathe in acceptance and live from that place of honesty
Even if it hurts
Even if it's hard
To open my hands to accept whatever comes, and to give whatever I can
To let myself feel even the ugliest, messiest parts of this life, and love myself anyway

And I look at myself at the end of the day, tired eyes and messy hair with a long to-do list and a mind running circles around itself trying to get it all right (Because even with all I'm learning, I'm still trying to get it right)
And I can honestly say that today I told the truth

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