Friday, July 29, 2011

Tiny Victories

July 15
"I played with Karlee until Liza clung to me, afraid of the water, but so desperatly wanting to go down the slip and slide. I scooped the dark skinned beauty into my arms and held her tight against my chest. She wove her small fingers into my hair, relaxing in my embrace. Many times, I coaxed her to come near the water, but every splash sent her running back to the safety I provided. We, Nick, Carissa and I, finally got this little girl to the slip and slide. I blocked the stream of water that was coming from the sprinklers as she slid. It warmed my heart to see tiny Liza sliding down the tarp, her laughter echoing. After my tiny victory with Liza, Mitch mentioned that Karlee was gone. After scanning the area for myself, I agreed. Karlee was no where to be found. I found her shoes were gone, and panic set in. Praying frantically, singing softly and trying not to appear as frazzled as I felt, I searched for my blonde haired, blue eyed beauty. For a few minutes I searched, hoping for just a glimpse of her green cast. When I saw her and Jon (One of the church staff there who helps out with the kids program) crossing the road from the church to the park, relief filled my heart. I spent a little while sitting with Karlee before going to clean off my legs in the sprinkler. Much to my surprise, Liza was there, laughing. Every time the water hit her, she squealed. We giggled ans splahed until Cassia (The leader of the kids program) announced it was time to go. We had cupcakes, and then all the kids left"

This was a journal entry I wrote about the happenings of that day, July 15.
Quickly, in other news, I went back to the doctor today, because the meds I was on that were supposed to help me get better, didn't work. Everything came back while I was on the trip. So I went back to the doctor today and she put me on both of the meds again and we have to go back to see the GI doctor in Edmonton again. Please keep me in your prayers, and I'll try and keep everyone updated best I can.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm not in this picture cause I'm taking it, but this is our team and some of the kids who came to the daycamp program we helped out with while working at Grace Point in Winnipeg

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Girl ~ A Story from my Trip

She was shy and quiet, trying to hide in the backround. The other kids were playing the game, and the other leaders trying to control the crowd, so she was succeeding. I had gone inside to talk to our youth pastor about getting a chair brought out for the game that was being played. On my way out, he, one of the other members of our team, stopped me. "Talk to her." After pointing me in the right direction, I went up to her. I said hello, then asked her to come play the game with me. She declined. Trying to convince her that it would be fun, even offering to run along side her, I tried again. Again, she refused. Only after telling her that both me and the guy who had introduced me to her would run beside her did she agree. So we did, me on her right, him on her left, following her down the field, cheering. After our little game was finished, the other kids went across the street to the park to play baseball. My sweet girl didn't want to play, but we went across to the park anyway. We found a raspberry bush, and began picking. Next to the area where we were picking berries was a patch of leaves, sort of like cabbage leaves. Anyway, my girl decided to pick some, deciding it would be fun to throw them at the only guy in our three some. Laughing her sweet giggle, she continued her attack, the leaves flying from her hand. I stood there, listening to them laugh. It was beautiful, I decided. I soon joined in the fun, tossing a few leaves of my own, my own laughter adding to the mix. It was then I fell in love with my girl

The picture is of my girl, and my friend who introduced us, Mitch

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm home!!!!

I'm back at home, safe and sound.
I had an amazing time! It was so awesome, and I definatly saw God at work during our time in the inner city, and at the Bible camp.
I'm so tired now, but if I had the choice to go back and do it all over again, I so would.
So stay tuned for more stories about my trip, and there will be some, but for now, know that I am at home, safe and that God is good!
Thanks for all your prayers for me and my team on this trip

Friday, July 8, 2011

Missions Trip

I can't believe it's really Friday. That means my missions trip oficially starts tomorrow! I've been doing a count down in my journal, and as the numbers got smaller and smaller, I got more and more nervous. I'm excited, definatly, but really nervous too. Now the trip starts tomorrow and the excitement is catching up with me. This will be my last post until I get home, somewhere around July 24th. Our first week is going to be spent working in Inner City Winnipeg. There's no real schedule there, but we're going to be doing some missions stuff and then we're running a day camp/ drop in program for some of the kids in the community. The days will be long, but I'm excited. The second week we're heading over to a Native Bible Camp in northern Manitoba. We're basically just complimenting the staff they already have there. We're going to be co-leading some cabins, doing some odd jobs that they need done and just doing anything they need us to do. You know how most camps are divided by age? Well this one is divided by native reserves. So the week we're going there, it's going to be ages 6-16 (Or something like that.)
Today I'm leaving for Emonton with my mom, grandpa, brothers and sister. They're going to be staying with my dad's family, who lives in Manitoba, and then some of my grandpa's friends in Saskatchewan. The missions team would have been leaving the church at 3:30 am! I would have had to be hooked up in the vehicle, and for some reason that does not sound like a good idea today. They're going to pick me up on their way though Edmonton, closer to 8:00am.
I'm still not feeling 100%. After I stopped the meds, the hardness in my stomach came back. I'd been having a little bit of pain through out the time I was taking my meds. Whatever this thing is, the meds didn't take care of it. The doctor is gone until I'm gone, and I didn't want any treatments or further testing before I go anyway. I'm bringing along some Motrin for the pain, but that's it. So let's pray I feel good for this trip. I'm kind of worried about working the long days and what it will do to my blood sugars, but I guess I'll just have to keep a CONSTANT eye on them.
Pray for me as I go on this trip. Pray for the people I will meet, the people in the inner city and the kids at camp. Pray that I would feel well on this trip and not get too exhausted. Pray for the team and the challenges we will come across. Just Pray!
I can't wait to tell you guys all about it when I get home.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Casting Crowns Concert and Today's events

In case you were wondering, this is the Casting Crowns concert Saturday night...Me, Jaxon and my mom hanging out with Mark Hall, the lead singer of Casting Crowns

Jaxon and my mom singing with Mark.

Me just hanging out with the boys, Brian and Hector

Me and Jaxon with Chris

And with Juan...

The concert was really good. I still think Casting Crowns is one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Spent today in town, shopping, and then came home and then did some yoga, ballet, pilates, kickboxing and a boot camp. (Code for copying the lady on the workout video. Somehow it just sounds so much better when I say it that way, like I actually did something other then flop around like a fish out of water.)

Now it's time to go find something to eat for supper.

Happpy 4th of July to all you americans!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guess who?

A nice big blue bruise has developed on my leg from where I fell when I got bucked off last night. I'm really sore, but I think that is the extent of my injuries. Now, finally, it's time to make an announcement... Guess who I'm meeting tonight? Those guys (In the picture.) Casting Crowns is coming to do a concert here tonight, and my mom won tickets and back stage passes. And guess who she decided to take? This girl (Points at self.) That's right, tonight I am meeting Casting Crowns!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, a memorable ride...

Just came back from a ride, and the horse came home without me
He was full of energy, and obviously did not want to cooperate with me, so he bucked me off.
Ran him around a bit and got back on, though.
I was more mad then hurt, but at least this was a memorable ride.