Friday, July 29, 2011

Tiny Victories

July 15
"I played with Karlee until Liza clung to me, afraid of the water, but so desperatly wanting to go down the slip and slide. I scooped the dark skinned beauty into my arms and held her tight against my chest. She wove her small fingers into my hair, relaxing in my embrace. Many times, I coaxed her to come near the water, but every splash sent her running back to the safety I provided. We, Nick, Carissa and I, finally got this little girl to the slip and slide. I blocked the stream of water that was coming from the sprinklers as she slid. It warmed my heart to see tiny Liza sliding down the tarp, her laughter echoing. After my tiny victory with Liza, Mitch mentioned that Karlee was gone. After scanning the area for myself, I agreed. Karlee was no where to be found. I found her shoes were gone, and panic set in. Praying frantically, singing softly and trying not to appear as frazzled as I felt, I searched for my blonde haired, blue eyed beauty. For a few minutes I searched, hoping for just a glimpse of her green cast. When I saw her and Jon (One of the church staff there who helps out with the kids program) crossing the road from the church to the park, relief filled my heart. I spent a little while sitting with Karlee before going to clean off my legs in the sprinkler. Much to my surprise, Liza was there, laughing. Every time the water hit her, she squealed. We giggled ans splahed until Cassia (The leader of the kids program) announced it was time to go. We had cupcakes, and then all the kids left"

This was a journal entry I wrote about the happenings of that day, July 15.
Quickly, in other news, I went back to the doctor today, because the meds I was on that were supposed to help me get better, didn't work. Everything came back while I was on the trip. So I went back to the doctor today and she put me on both of the meds again and we have to go back to see the GI doctor in Edmonton again. Please keep me in your prayers, and I'll try and keep everyone updated best I can.

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