Monday, July 25, 2011

My Girl ~ A Story from my Trip

She was shy and quiet, trying to hide in the backround. The other kids were playing the game, and the other leaders trying to control the crowd, so she was succeeding. I had gone inside to talk to our youth pastor about getting a chair brought out for the game that was being played. On my way out, he, one of the other members of our team, stopped me. "Talk to her." After pointing me in the right direction, I went up to her. I said hello, then asked her to come play the game with me. She declined. Trying to convince her that it would be fun, even offering to run along side her, I tried again. Again, she refused. Only after telling her that both me and the guy who had introduced me to her would run beside her did she agree. So we did, me on her right, him on her left, following her down the field, cheering. After our little game was finished, the other kids went across the street to the park to play baseball. My sweet girl didn't want to play, but we went across to the park anyway. We found a raspberry bush, and began picking. Next to the area where we were picking berries was a patch of leaves, sort of like cabbage leaves. Anyway, my girl decided to pick some, deciding it would be fun to throw them at the only guy in our three some. Laughing her sweet giggle, she continued her attack, the leaves flying from her hand. I stood there, listening to them laugh. It was beautiful, I decided. I soon joined in the fun, tossing a few leaves of my own, my own laughter adding to the mix. It was then I fell in love with my girl

The picture is of my girl, and my friend who introduced us, Mitch

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