Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Hands

Sometimes, when you stop holding so tightly to the things of your life, when you loosen your hold and trust that God has it all under control, things start to happen. It might not even be a big thing. It might be something tiny that you are holding on to because, for some reason, you think you can do it better then God. I know, it might not be the smartest the smartest thing someone has ever done, but I can't say I'm innocent. I, too, at times have thought that I could run my own life better then God could. Big mistake. I was holding onto the things in my life, holding onto everything I could to try and stay in control of my own life. I didn't trust that God would be who He said He would be and do what He said He would do. I thought that I knew just where my life should go and just what should happen. I knew that God has plans for me, but I thought that I could do it better. Do I need to say I was wrong? God has plans for me that are BIGGER and BETTER then the plans I could ever have for myself. If I was planning my own life, I know I would mess up. I can't see the future. Even if it doesn't make any sense right now, maybe it's because God has better plans for me for my future, and I just don't see it yet. I realized that sometimes, when you open your hands and give everything to God, your hopes and dreams and plans and wants and desires, He might just put something in your empty hands. You never know what might happen if you give it to God. It might be something better then you ever imagined. It might be something that could only happen when you have empty hands, and aren't clinging to those plans you have for your life. When you open your hands and give it to God, He might just put something in your empty hands.

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