Thursday, July 3, 2014

dear thirteen year old me

Recently I had the privilege of writing a guest post for Nancy Rue's teen blog. As I am in the process of transition from this blog to her young adult blog, I was asked to give my final thoughts. I decided to answer the question of what I know for sure, and decided to write about what is turning out to be one of the defining moments of my life, and in a good way.
I wrote about the things I would say if I got to meet my thirteen year old self for coffee, and how my life has changed dramatically and also how its stayed the same.
I'm still that girl, but looking back I have come so far. I don't know if i'll ever reach the top of this mountain, but the climb has been a good one.
So if I got to meet my thirteen year old self, I would tell her to enjoy eating food, I would tell her to write because in the end it will be what saves you. I would tell her to have fun and make memories and not take life so seriously and fall in love and then fall in love again, because you can never love too much. Mistakes are what shape you. Shame and guilt just keep you locked up in the past. Forgive. Ask questions. Tell the truth, always.
And never forget how loved you are.
Dear thirteen year old me, may you never forget the brilliant light of your own being.

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