Monday, July 28, 2014

Music, Magic and Opportunities

I've written before about my involvement with the Melodic Caring Project, and how amazed I am by what they do.
It's almost like every time I watch one of their concerts, I get to experience the magic all over again. I get to experience the awe that comes with hearing someone you've only heard on CD or in an ITunes playlist mention you by name, the wonder that comes with hearing the crowd cheer for you.
But as I sat in a concert last night, I experienced something else, something besides the magic of it all.
I experienced the connection.
Music brings people together. For a few hours during a concert, there is no separation. There is only a group of people singing the same song, shouting back the lyrics, and being reminded of the memories that come attached to each one.
During a Melodic Caring Project concert the connection comes from knowing that there are these people out there who see your fight, and call it worth while.
I am so blessed to have experienced this sense of community, and to be involved with such an amazing organization.
The people who run MCP are wonderful, and it's hard to believe that humans can be this selfless and caring. They have opened up so many doors for me, not only to see these concerts and experience the magic for myself time and time again, but also inviting me to contribute to their blog.
They believe in me, and I'm honored to get to write posts about what they do, what music does, and offer insight into the life of someone journeying with a chronic illness.
It's not hard, as all the magic happens from their end and I'm only a witness, but I'm honored to be a part of it.

This is a post I recently wrote for MCP about the power of music, connection and what it all means. I'd be so grateful if you guys went and checked it out, and checked out this beautiful organization and the work that they do.

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