Monday, March 29, 2010

Shane's story

As most of you know I love to write. I write everything from books to poetry to music. I spend time finding just the perfect name, or title or plot or theme. This is the prolouge for one of the series I'm writing,Shane's story. Let me know what you think,
'Sometimes there is a love so deep, so true, so real, that it changes the course of history for two people. That was the kind of love I had with Carrie. A love that made me want to be a better man, made me feel emotions I'd long since forgotten. Somtimes I wonder if I could ever love someone as much and as deep as I loved Caroline. Carrie showed me how to hope, and look for the sunshine behind each and every grey cloud. I became a new man after I met Carrie. We had a love so deep that no ocean, valley, no amount of time or person could come between us. No one made me feel like I did when I was with Carrie. When I see a young couple, laughing and smiling, I think of me and Carrie. I wonder if they will ever get to feel the kind of love that I felt. As I drift back into years of memories, remembering the time I spent with Carrie, I can't help but smile. Our love was like that. The memories never fail to make me smile. As I remember the emotions I feel the same ones I felt when I was a boy. I can still remember each detail of my story, still see it as if it is a motion picture, unfolding before my very eyes. I can still smell the scents and hear the sounds. I can still recount the events as if they happened yesterday. If I close my eyes I can still picture that brunette haired, brown eyes girl that showed me how to truely live. So I close my eyes and, for a moment, I remember. I can see it all so clearly, the lines so crisp and vivid. I am not a fourty four year old man anymore. I turn back the clocks to when I was seventeen years of age. Everything around me fades away, and for a moment, I just remember'

So let me know what you think. I hope you guys like it, I am so nervous to find out what you're going to say.
waiting (in) patiently


fiddlincairo said...

haha... Sorry, I'm not laughing at what you wrote (Which is actually really good, it sounds like something you could get out of the library..) but whenever I post something I've writen on my blog, I feel like that too. So nervous that someone won't like it even though I am realy proud of it...
Anyway, I think you're starting to get the hang of this bloggin thing... Keep it up!

Alisha said...

thanks Cai
I get that a lot, that it sounds like I got it out of a book
miss you

Ashton said...

Hey! Like it Alisha.. I know you don't know me.. From the tween blog.. Well anyyyway.. That was REALLY GOOD! My moms friend commented on my story/almost book and it made me feel really GOOD!

rayunger said...

I hope this works! But yeah, I really like it! You should be a professional writer! Now I know what your mom was talking about when she said you were a really good writer! Love you! Jocelyn

Alisha said...

thanks everybody, glad you all like it