Thursday, April 1, 2010


In the last few days I've ended some things, and started others.
I finished the second book in the series which i posted the prolouge the other day, and started the third.
I finished off my goal to get all but one unit in math done before spring break, and started another L.A one, getting ahead on my goal there.
I finished getting all my tests done, ultrasounds, bloodwork, bone dencity, and, well, let's just not start that one again.
I finished reading the third book in the series I'm reading, and started the fourth.
I'm pretty sure you probably don't want to hear all the rest of my 'starts and finishes' so I'll stop there. I know that whenever I start something, it has to come to an end. you don't want to know how many times i cried over the story i'm writing because it was coming to an end, three, just for the record. As Easter is quickly approaching, I will start another season, another chapter, another start. As Spring break is just around the corner (Tomorrow!!!) I am finishing up another part of my school year. I know that one day, all my start's that I am now celebrating will come to an end. I know soon I will finish this part of my life and start another. But for now, I do one thing. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice. I am Rejoicing in these starts in my life. Because last November, I didn't think I would have any more starts at all.


fiddlincairo said...

My grandma was telling me a story once about a lady who she knew who was sick in the hospital and the doctors thought she didn't have very long to live, and whenever anyone asked the lady how she was doing, she would reply, "Oh, I'm rejoicing..."

fiddlincairo said...

and BTW, your allowed to be boring on your blog and make lists and lists about boring things... Its your blog, and if people don't like it, they won't read it... ;) lol JK

Alisha said...

Thanks Cai
and i prefer to think of it as bursts of genius, lol.
miss you

fiddlincairo said...

I wish I had thought of the whole, 'bursts of genius' thing... Its hillarious!

rayunger said...

This was really cool. You almost made me cry at the end! Love you! Jocelyn