Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good girl :D

I'm being careful not to move too fast. Almost all of my right side is skinned and cut and gross. You probably want to know how i managed to get into such trouble. Well i was walking my dog yesterday, going to put some stuff in the mailbox. Anyway while we were walking there were these three dogs, a big chocolate lab and two of her grown up puppies. They seemed to have a problem with us walking down 'her' street. So she, and the puppies, started chasing us, snapping their teeth and growling. So me and my dog started running in the other direction. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure the dogs weren't right behind me. I'm not a very fast runner, though I was running as fast as i could, my dog can still run faster. She was running so fast I tripped and was drug up the pavement. it wasn't that fun, ok it wasn't fun at all, it hurt. Not a good way to start off the warm weather. Is it wrong to think that without Karma pulling me away I would have been bit? I think I would have been hurt a lot worse if she hadn't pulled me. you can choose to believe me or not but this is my blog, my story, my way of looking at things, this is me, and that, is what I saw :D


fiddlincairo said...

So pretty much you're just saying that you got hurt, but you would have gotten hurt in one way or another whatever happened? lol

Alisha said...

yeah, that's exactly what i'm saying. I just think that this way I got less hurt (?)

Selena:) said...

OMG! i am so sorry! i hope you are ok!!!!