Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Pick

When I started this blog I was sure I was going to have so much to write about I would want to write more then once a day. How wrong I was! Sure, I have things to write about, but not interesting things. My life isn't all that interesting, it's not totally crazy and if something does happen, it's usually not that exciting and I'd rather not bore you to tears as I talk about it. But now, I have absolutely nothing to write about so I'm giving you a chance to pick what you want me to talk about, because I have nothing and I want to write more. odd huh, how I want to write but I have nothing to say. So comment and tell me what you want me to say, and I'll pick one and talk about it :D
Can't wait to hear what you're going to come up with


Alisha said...

I forgot to add that you have until NEXT SUNDAY to decide and then I'll post on Monday

fiddlincairo said...

Post more of your story that you're writing!

Alisha said...

You really like it? Which story do you want? do you want the begining of a new one of the continuation of the one that I did before?

rayunger said...

Hey, I definitly think you should write the continuation of your story! I really like it, and I would like to read more!

Love always, Jocelyn