Monday, April 26, 2010

You asked for it....

Alright, you asked for it. here's another little piece of Shane's story. Hope you guys like it, and as always, your welcomed to give me your feed back ;D
"Shane Carmichael you need to clean up your act," The man across from me, my principal Henry Bark, glared at me, looking like he wished he could reach over and wipe the smug grin from my face. I folded my arms over my chest and glared back at Mr. Bark. "Shane, I know your better then this stunt then your pulling now," He tried again, sighing and wrapping his fingers around the arms of his chair. I leaned back in mine, rocking it on its back legs. " Do you?" I asked in a sarcastic tone. "Do I what?" Bark asked, folding his arms over his chest in a way that was similar to the way I had mine. "How do you know I'm better then this?" I emphasized the word better. "Your just hanging out with the wrong crowd, Shane, if you tried...""What's to say I'm not?" I retorted. Mr. Bark sighed and grabbed a pencil off hyis desk, twirling it between his fingers. I almost laughed but it came out in a half whisper and barely made it out of my mouth before it silenced, echoing in the room for a few seconds before it was snuffed out like a candel. "Shane, what do you want to do with her life?" Mr. Bark asked. "I don't know," I chuckled. "Come on Shane," He tried me again. I thought for a minuet before I answered. "I want to be a lawyer," I said, dropping the tough guy act. "Ok, now we're getting somewhere," Mr. Bark's eyes softened a little. "Then work for it, if you want to be a lawyer, go for it," Mr. Bark said. I looked at him in disbelief. I'm sure my jaw dropped to the floor. My chair landed on the floor with a thump. "You heard me, go for it, Shane," Mr. Bark gave me a half smile. "I'm in grade 12," I regained my composure. "Yeah, and I'm 51," Mr. Bark replied. I glared at him, not getting his point. "What I'm trying to saty is go for it, Shane, don't let age stop you. You'll be graduating in 3 months, get it together, Shane," Mr. Bark said. I nodded and swallowed the lump growing in my throat. "Thatta boy" He touched my shoulder. "I took the liberty of signing you up from some extra curricular activites here at school," Now it was my turn to grow. "Like what?" I finally asked, my tough guy persona back in play. "Tutoring under privaliged kids, helping the grounds crew and a few select students clean the grounds at lunch on Monday's," Mr. Bark explained. I raised an eyebrow. "Get it together," He reminded me. I nodded. "Now get to class," He shooed me out the door.

Okay, you asked for it and I gave it to you
let me know what you think

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Jocelyn said...

I like it.. I really do! I have the baby now, just feeding it! I'll e-mail you!

Love always...