Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well We're moving tomorrow! For those of you who don't know, we bought a quarter section out by Sexsmith, ok Webster but it's considered Sexsmith. We already moved our horses out there, we did that yesterday, and we're headed out there, to stay!, tomorrow after school. We already moved some of our stuff, ok a lot of our stuff, and we've been coming back and forth since the begining of May. We live on the top of a hill, you can see it from Webster Road, (in case your looking :) and we can look down all the hills. We're going to live in a trailer, for now. My dad's been really busy adding an addition to the trailer because right now it only has 3 bedrooms. I get the bedroom with the big window overlooking the horse pasture. My room is a robins egg blue. Can't wait until we actually get down there. :)

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Jocelyn said...

Very cool. It sounds like alot of fun! ;) love you!