Friday, June 18, 2010

...Not a chance

It's my first day of almost freedom (I still have some science left to do) and it's turning out to be an interesting day. I did my test this morning, it took me not as long as I thought it would. After my exam, me and my mom and Jaxon went shopping, picked up the kids, and got some lunch. So when we got home, My mom had to pack up and leave for Calgary, leaving me in charge of the littles. Well, not even half an hour into my "adventure" I had another adventure. Our kittens got out. I tried to bring them inside but our big cat, Tink, wasn't too thrilled about sharing his space. My solution, bring out the towels, the clothespins and the paperclips. No, I didn't suffocate the cats. I went into their outdoor pen and hung towels over every wall, pinning them in place. Like to see you try and get out of that one, kitties. (For the record, they are still in, curling up in their "house" and sleeping like little angels. Can't fool me, I know the adventerous spirit inside.) I've finished making my little jail, finished almost all of my schooling and finished lunch. Catricia and Jaxon are playing wii and Jacob is over at a friend's. I'll make pizza tonight, which both kids have agreed to help me with. We'll watch a movie and eat popcorn and wait for my dad to come home. Sounds like a relaxing night, right? Sounds like it will be an easy day of babysitting. Want to know what I say to that... NOT A CHANCE!!!

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