Monday, June 14, 2010

And the forecast for the next week is... BUSY

Well I'm back! The pictures are still in my camera but I'll post them as soon as I get them downloaded. This week (or last couple of days) has been busy with more then just Miette stuff. Let me give you the offiicial countdown of how many days until...
1 day left to study for my exams
1 day until we get our kitties!
1 day (hopefully) until I get to go see my horsey (I'll post the story below)
2 days left until my first exam, Math
3 days until my last exam, L.A
3 days until my dentist appointment, (I dislike the dentist, even if my mom does work there)
4 days until school, besides science which I don't count because I can do that out in the sun, is DONE!!!!!!
6 days until the Reba concert, which I'm going to with my Auntie
7 days, 3 hours and 21 minuets (from the time of writing) until Take 4 is going to be released!
7 days until I'm going to Red Willow day camp with my family for a day of family fun!

Ok, now I'll post the story. Our horses aren't here right now because we have too much clover in our new pasture and they got alsikes poisoning which means they ate too much clover and it does something to their liver and if we don't get them out now they could die. SO we moved them out, or my dad did, on Friday. Thank God that a wonderful Judy was inside, (Judy taught me riding lessons for a while back and she's friends with my cousin Carly) and answered her phone ( a real surprise if you know Judy) and she had extra pasture and was willing to take on the job of caring for our five little ponies. We might be heading out to visit them tomorrow.

I might be really busy with exams in these next few days so I won't post. I'll catch up as soon as my 'busy week' is over.

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