Wednesday, September 22, 2010

China's little girls

I'm doing a report on China for my English class. I learned some pretty interesting facts, like how long the great wall of China is, 8,850 km's, and that there are more then 8000 life sized terracotta warriors. I also learned some pretty sad news. Did you know that in China, sons are favored because they can carry on the family name, so 95% of the babies up for adoption in China are girls? Did you know that before the baby is born, the mother can test to see if her child is a boy or a girl. Abortion, Murder at birth, abandoned at an orphanage or kept but never registered, so it was like they never exsisted, are the families ways of getting rid of a girl, an unwanted child. Because of the one child policy in China, these are ways the family can get rid of the baby, like she never exsisted, and try again in hopes of a boy. Sometimes the child is just left alone to die, unless someone finds it before it takes it's final breaths. There are over 20 million boys in China that will not marry because of the lack of females in their country. That number rises by 1.5 million every year. At temples, expectant mother's pray that their child will be a boy, so that they may bring joy to their family. The result is that millions of nameless baby girls in China are just disapeering. If a parent has twins, they are allowed to keep both the children but usually can't afford it, sending one of their children to an orphanage. Some of the orphanages in China are nothing more then death camps, abandoning the children and letting them die, because they are girls. How scary is it that the baby girls in China are being killed, abandoned and given away, just because of something they had no control over, being born a girl.


Jocelyn said...

That is so sad... that just makes me want to go and adopted every little girl in China... Something to keep in mind for the future! :)

Alisha said...

It is. One thing is, though, some of the babies aren't abandoned. I read somewhere that some of the babies are bought and then sold back to Americans. It's actually really sad.