Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only a day away

Tomorrow. Well, it's the start, or the re start, or coffee break. That means getting up at some ridiculously early time, that probably starts with a 7, and eating breakfast and getting dressed and driving to the church so I can babysit some little kids, not sure what age group yet, hopefully the little ones, I did the older ones last year and was in the little kid nursery for like 2 weeks. It was so much easier. Anyway, at least I get payed. And it's fun, most of the time. And I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Ok, in like 25 and a half hours. If playing with a whole bunch of kids doesn't make me crazy, maybe that will. Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain my sanity. Welcome to crazy.

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