Sunday, September 19, 2010

In The Real Life Of...

ME!!! Yes, In the real life of Alisha. So, you all might remember Nancy Rue and her book series called RL, Real Life. Anyway, she's starting up a page for her teen readers to share their stuff. Each month, one of her readers is chosen to do a mini interview, put up a picture, and do a little bit of her writing, mostly just poetry or a small bit of a story, not a short story though cause we need to keep it under 100 words. Anyway, I was the first reader chosen! I'm working with Nancy right now to get everything set up and it should all be ready to go by October. I just sent in my Q and A and my "mini story" thing tonight. My story was basically just the story, or the first 99 word of a story, about a girl who feels lost in her life and really learns to trust. I had to pick and choose but I think I picked a really good piece for the page. I'm really excited about doing all this. I still have to submit a picture, I'll have to take a new one cause I don't have one of me when I have my hair like it is now, but I don't have to have it all in until the last day of September. I'll post it on here once I decide on a picture, and post a link once the page gets all up and running. I just wanted you all to share in my excitment. I'm really excited for this opportunity and ready to go! I can't wait until everything all get's up and running. Welcome, everyone, to the Real Life of Alisha!

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