Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Calender

ok, here's some wird, but cool holidays in the month of November.
November 1. National men make dinner day, world vegitation day, national authors day and national literacy day.
November 2. Look for circles day, deviled eggs day
November 3. Housewives day, national sandwich day, international toungue twisters day
November 4. King tut day, book lovers day, zero tasking day
November 5. Gunpowder day
November 6. Marooned without a compass day
November 7. bittersweet chocolate with almonds day
November 8. National parents as teachers day, cook something bold day (Which we did with our meatloaf)
November 9 (today.) chaos never dies day, guiness world record day.
November 10. forget me not day, area code day
November 11. veterans day
November 12. chicken soup for the soul day
November 13. national indian pudding day, young readers day, national kindness day
November 14. operating room nurse day, teddy bear day.
November 15. clean your refrigerator day, I love to write day
November 16. button day, have a party with your bear day
November 17. homemade bread day, take a hike day
November 18. occult day, mickey mouse day, married to a scorpio support day
November 19. have a bad day day
November 20. beautiful day, name your PC day, universal childrens day, absurdity day, national adoption day
November 21. false confessions day, pumpkin pie day, world television day
November 22. thanksgiving day (In the US), go for a ride day
November 23. National cashew day, your welcome day, buy nothing day
November 24. D.B Cooper day
November 25. National parfait day
November 26. shopping reminder day
November 27 (My birthday) Pins and needles day
November 28. make your own head day
November 29. electronic greeting day, international day of soliditary with the Palestinians people, square dance day.
November 30. Stay at home because you are well day, computer security day.

Hope you have as much fun reading about these fun holidays as I did finding out about them.

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Princess said...

Very interesting. I like seeing what today is. Who would sit there and just make up holidays.