Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just got back from a weekend at DTP! It was really good, like it usually is. The speaker this year was a guy named Brett Ullman. He was really good, really real, but funny. The Illusionist, Jared Hall, was really good. He was funny, and I laughed, a lot. The worship leader this time was Amanda Falk. She was really amazing, and it was amazing to see her 'live.' On Friday Night we had session #1 and then the illusionist and then Pizza! I didn't stay for the late night stuff, considering it went until 1:00 in the morning! On Saturday Morning, we had another session, youth group huddle ups, lunch and then I went to a worship session with Amanda Falk. After that we had the amazing race, and we did some pretty wierd stuff. Like cramming 9 people into the cab of a small truck, or sitting in a wheel barrow for a relay race, or putting a pedomiter on your head and banging it until it got to 1000, or human bowling. Our teamwas actually doing really good, but we ran out of time so we didn't get to finish. I went to the Reba concert after that, Amazing, so I missed the evening session and the junk yard poets concert. THEN this morning, we had another session and then brunch. It was all so good, and I really enjoyed it and learned.


Jocelyn said...

Sounds like fun! But what does DTP stand for?

Alisha said...

DTP stands for disturbing the peace, it's a youth confrence here

Jocelyn said...

I see. That's like this thing that we go to Saskatchewan for with a bunch of youths. Abundant Springs.