Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Here's the interview with MaryLu Tyndall. Hope you guys like it. I'll put my questions in light blue and her answers in dark blue.
How did you become a Christian?
It's a really long story so I'll give you the short version. I wasn't a Christian most of my life. In fact, I was running from God. I believed I could find my own way, find my own happiness. But after I tried everything the world says will make you happy, I was miserable and empty. My life was in shambles. My marrige was failing, my kids were rebelling and I hated my job. So I picked up my old Bible and started reading, thinking maybe I could find some answers within it's pages. About halfway through Ezekial, I was reading about the prophecy about the Jews returning to their home land, and it struck me that the prophecy had come true in my lifetime. But Ezekial was written thousands of years ago! I didn't know exactly what happened, but it was like my mind was flooded with light and I remember thinking 'God is real.' Then I felt His precence envelop me and I've never been the same since!
What's your favorite Bible verse?
I have so many, but I have to say Romans 8:28. "All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose!" That about covers it, doesn't it?
Do you have any pets, or did you have any growing up?
I had aquariams when I was growing up. I love them! And still have one. My mother wouldn't allow me to have any other pets, but I have 3 cats now.
Do you have any siblings?
Yes, One brother who is on the SWAT team in South Florida and one sister who lives in Tennessee.
Do you have any kids?
Yes, I have 6 children ranging in ages from 20 to 29!
What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
Relaxing with family or going to the movies.
Did you take anything in College that helped you become an author?
No! I was a math major. Isn't that wierd? It just goes to show that God can do anything, right? But if you're thinking of becoming an author, take English or Creative Writing classes.
How did you decide to write 'sea fiction?'
I've always loved the sea and the tropics. And I've always had a fasination with ships. So I guess it was just a natural thing for me to focus my stories around sea farring tales.
If you could say one thing that everyone would hear, what would it be?
Nothing in this world fufills except knowing God.
Where did you get your inspiration for the Legacy of the Kings Pirates series?
From the Pirates of the Carribean movies! After I saw the first movie several times, God put it on my heart to write about a Christian Pirate. At first I thought I'd heard Him wrong! But I guess I didn't because that book got published as soon as I finished it and my publisher wanted two more books in that series.
Where did you get your inspiration for the Charles Town Bellese Series?
From the Parable of the seed and the sower in Matthew 13. I wanted to show examples of all 3 seeds in the life of women who lived in colonial Charles Town. The Red Siren represents the seed that fell on rocky ground. She heard the word of God but the problems and struggles of life choked it out from her. In the story, instead of relying on God, she becomes a pirate to solve her problems! Hope, in the Blue Enchantress, represents the seed that fell amoung thorns where the word of God was strangled by the pleasures of this world. Her quest for the wrong kind of love causes her to be sold as a slave on a Carribean Island! And finally, in The Raven Saint, Grace represents the seed that fell on good soil. From all appearances, she seems to be a sweet, godly, perfect woman, but when she is kidnapped by a French mercernary, Grace discovers her darker side.
Can you tell us anything about the Book series you're writing now, the Surrender to Destiny series?
Yes, It's about finding God's destiny for your life. Each book follows the adventures of three different women that live in Baltimore, Maryland, during the war of 1812. Each of these women has something that is keeping them from God's destiny for their lives, insecurity, fear and unbelief. And as they overcome these struggles, they each get caught up in the war and play a huge part in changing the course of history forever.
What would you say to someone who wants to be an author?
Work hard. Take a lot of writing classes. Join ACFW ( it's an online group of writers) , ask for help and direction from God and never give up until He tells you to!
Who is your hero?
Glenn Beck
If you could do one thing and not fail, what would it be?
Bring everyone in my family to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
If you could write one book that everyone would read, what would the theme of that book be?
God's unfailing love for you.

Thanks again for doing this MaryLu.

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