Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tournaments, cocoa and one wrong move

Tournaments, cocoa and one wrong move is the third book in the real life series by Nancy Rue. This is the story of the life of Cassidy Brewster, a basketball all star who tears her ACL, and is unable to play for the remainder of the season. It would be a pretty boring story, if it wasn't for dobermin pincsher dad's and her almost sister in law Gretchen trying to help, and giving her illegal steriods that get her kicked off the team, and put into the at risk class at school, and befriending some of those kids, and getting into loads of mischeif, and the surgery needed to fix her ACL, her friend's, her team, stabbing her in the back, and being a social outcast, and a strange book called RL. The main characters in this story are Cassidy, her friends Ruthie, Tank, Lizzard, Uma and Rafe, her basketball team, Kara, Hilary, M.J, Selena and her coach, her physical therpist Ben, her almost sister in law Gretchen, and her parents. The minor characters include her brother, Aaron, Emily, one of the second class girls on the team, Jimmy Sanchez, the trainer, Mrs. P.W, her art teacher, Dr. Horton, Ms. Edelstine, her study hall teacher, and Mr. Lasalle. Cassidy overcame the challenges that she faced regarding her family and friends, God, basketball, the use of sterioids and learning that there may be more then what meets the eye. My favorite character in this book was Cassidy. She was a strong person and wasn't affraid to get down on other people's level and stand up for what she believed in. My favorite scene in the book is probably when Cassidy and Rafe are saying goodbye, and Rafe tells her that she is not a loser. It is one of the last scene's in the book, and it is really a turning point for Cassidy, in my opinion. I really liked this book because most people can relate to at least one of the challenges Cassidy and her friend's face, and the real life answers Cassidy found, within herself, in God, and in RL. I would recommend this book, definatly. I am reading through it again, and I just can't stay away. I would rate this book a 4.8 out of five. Again, this was brilliant work by author Nancy Rue!

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