Monday, December 6, 2010

With Love, from Mary

Since Christmas isn't very far away, does that seem unreal to anyone else, I wanted to share something that I wrote for Christmas.

My dearest Elizabeth,
It has been a while since that glorious night when Jesus was born, and I have yet to tell you all about it. As you know, an angel appeared to me and told me I was about to have a son. And, as you know, I was nervous and excited all at the same time. So, when it came time for a census to be taken in Bethlehem, Josheph and I packed up and went. The town was full of people. Everything was so full and crowded. All the inns were full, and there was no room, anywhere. It was coming time for Jesus to be born, and Joseph was frantically trying to find a place for me to stay. One of the inn owners offered us a place in his stable. It was smelly and dirty, but it provided a shelter from the cold. The pain was unlike anything else I had ever felt, Elizabeth. But the love I felt when Jesus was born erased all the memories. He was so perfect. I held him in my arms, memorizing every detail. Even though I was captivated by this child, I still felt some longing for the voices of women to welcome my son into the world. It was a selfish desire, a small want in the midst of Jesus's arrival, but I felt it all the same. Joseph made a bed for Jesus in a manger, and I wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him down. Somewhere in the night, shepherds were watching their flocks. Angels came to tell them that the newborn king had arrived and they came to worship him. I nearly cried when they told me of how a heavenly host of angels had sang their heavenly song. Instead of women's voices welcoming my son into this world, it was something of more value and importance, angels sent from heaven. Every little detail was so perfect, it was like God has arranged it with his own hands. I treasured each detail in my heart, wanting to remember every moment of this night. I am God's chosen one. I wish to see you and little John again, so that you may see little Jesus face to face. He still is a perfect child. I wonder how you are doing, and how God is blessing your life, my dear cousin. Write soon and tell me all about your life
With love, from Mary

As Christmas time is approaching, I think I connect with Mary more then I ever did before. It wasn't just some story. Mary was an average girl, who did average things. She would have been the same age that I am now when she has Jesus. It's hard for me to imagine. She embraced the gift that God gave her, Jesus, with great joy. She even said "My soul glorifies the Lord." It wasn't an easy journey for her, or for Joseph, but she embraced it with courage and grace. I only wish that I could embrace the challenges in my life the same way that Mary did. I wish, in the middle of my trials, I had the strength to say, My soul glorifies the Lord.

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Princess said...

I loved it. As some people seem to forget how young Mary was and how that it was much harder for both Mary and Joseph than how most books and movies portray.

Merry Christmas