Monday, August 15, 2011

How He Loves

July 23
I have appx. 15 minutes before I wake my girls up to leave, but I wanted to journal quick. Last night was the concert and talent show. The concert was amazing. As soon as the band came up, I was thinking 'what have we gotten outselves in to?' But it turned out fine. The last song they sang is How He loves (A favorite around camp.) Everybody crammed into the aisles. Some of our team was packed in beside each other, and we all draped our arms around each other, including all the children, waymakers and other staff who stood along the way. A few other groups followed our lead. Lots of hands were raised and our voices drowned out the band. There, in that moment, praising God and holding and being held, I had one thought... "This is it." This is it, the spiritual WOW moment. This is it, this sense of belonging and love and worship. This was 'it.' After the concert, we had a rushed cabin devotion time and then it was time for the talent show. After, when we were all finally in bed, the girls asked me to sing. So I did. I sang every song from my childhood, every hymn and every camp song, worship song or other christian song I could think of. I sang for a bit, before Sandy requested a song of her own. She sang How He Loves and cried. Hearing my girls this in to it nearly melted my heart. It's hard to believe they're leaving today.

later that night
I'm not entirely ready for this trip to be over. I'm excited to go home and tell people, but I'm not ready to leave this team, my 'family.' I want to go back to Winnipeg and love on Karlee and the other kids. I want to see miracles happen with another group of campers at camp. These 2 weeks taught me so much, about depending on God for everything, about loving the ones that might not be the easiest to love, about how everyone has a story. I've loved lots, served lots and been blessed 1000x's more. I never thought God would work in the ways that He did. Slowly, He crept up on me, surrounding me, covering me with His love. I'm proud of myself for going. This trip was amazing, plain and simple. Even if it wasn't what I had imagined and even if God didn't use the stuff I thought He should, it was amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more
(Not as amazing as hearing all the kids at camp sing it at the top of their lungs, but amazing none the less.)


Tess said...

How he loves's is my favorite song ever! I just went to a concert and they had a time of worship and we sang that song! :)

Talia said...

That is awesome. I so enjoyed reading this, Alisha. God is so amazing. And it is amazing how he loves us. ♥