Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back!!! (With a list)

We've been without internet for a couple of days now, and of course, the time when we are without internet is the time when everything that happens to me seems worthy of a blog post or a facebook status. Then, of course, once you do get internet back all of those old new things don't seem as importent anymore because they have been replaced by new new things. Either way, here's some of the old new things that I was ready to tell you about a while ago, but couldn't...

  • I got school books. School books! A reminder that school is just around the corner (Like appx. a week around the corner) and it's time to get back into routine and learning and homework and deadlines.

  • I got a new cell phone. With texting and a keypad and a Taylor Swift ringtone. (I was thinking of naming my phone Ruby (Yes, I name my phones) How does that sound?)

  • I finished writing that thing I wasn't sure how I was going to write, about working with the kids at Grace Point. I didn't find the 'right' words, but I did find words that describe what we did and what the kids were like (sorta) Now I only have to get through reading it at the meeting tonight, and again in church on Sunday and I'm home free. Why does reading it sound so complicated now?

  • We're going to Edmonton tomorrow. For a vacation. No hospitals or doctors or tests or anything of the sort. For some reason, even if I know we're going to Edmonton for fun, I can't get over my phobia of hospitals and doctors and tests. I just relate Edmonton to the hospital, don't ask me why. And for some reason also unknown to me, staying in a hotel in Edmonton gives me that panicky feeling of having to go to the hospital the next day, even if I know we're not going to the hospital. So my blog posts may cease to be until next Monday.

Like I said, everything seems so much less-importent now because the old new things that were exciting and blog-worthy have been replaced by new new things, which seem much less blog worthy. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging somewhat regularly next week. Until then fill my inbox with lovely comments (Not just facebook notifications)

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