Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boyfriends, Burrito's and an Ocean of Trouble

Boyfriends, Burrito's and an Ocean of Trouble is the second book in the RL series by Nancy Rue. It's the story of Bryn Christopher. She was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Preston Oliver. When a Car accident reveals Bryn's bruises, she is talked into testifying against him, the most powerful jock in school. It's an Ocean of trouble when Bryn's grandmother, Mim, arrives and decides to teach Bryn the ways of surfing, and a good old Mexican Burrito. It's a lot of ups, and downs, for Bryn in the days leading up to the trail. One things brings her comfort and understanding in these long days, a strange book she found in the hospital waiting room. It seems to speak to her, and understand her real life. The main characters in this book are Bryn, her dad, Mim, Preston, Andrew, Regan, Fielding and Shawn. The minor characters, in my opinion, are Bryn's Mom, her sister Tara, Goof, Kale, Kayla Dorchester, Will Quintera, Vanessa Woodhouse, Isabel and Emma. My favorite character in this book is probably Bryn. She was forced to deal with the trial, and Preston and his friends. She had to cope with the retaliation of Preston's posse and with personal attacks being made against her. But in the end, Bryn learns more about herself and who she is as a person. My favorite scene in this book was probably the one where Bryn finally stands up to Preston. She tells him who she is and is strong in the face of a challenge. When He says he'll destroy her, that she'll never be the same, she say's he's right. She has God. I liked this book because of the real challenges Bryn faced and how she dealt with them. It was amazing to watch her transform into a new being once she began reading about Yeshua. My rating on this book is 4.5 out of 5. I think it was very well written and had a lot of great lessons in it. The surfing and court language did get to be a little bit much once in a while but maybe that's just me. Over all it was a really good book. I'd recommend it for it's great lessons in friendships, dating and family values. Besides all that, it had a really good story line and very real characters that you can relate with. Once again, Nancy has created a book that went beyond my expectations.

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Jocelyn said...

Wow! That sounds like a really good book! I'd like to read it sometime!

Alisha said...

Well, not to give anything away but when I'm finished the other book review, Motercycles, Sushi and One Strange Book, I was thinking I might have a contest here on the blog for someone to win a copy of one of those books, not sure which one yet. So stay tuned and maybe you can win something. :)