Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And that makes 3...

We got another kitten today. A brother to the two we already have. His name was Holmes but we changed it to Oreo, as his color is black and white. He is clearly the runt of the "triplets." It was as if these brothers hadn't been seperated for a month or so. They play and wrestle like old friends. Oreo isn't taking a strong liking to our dog like the other two have, trying to swat her in the nose a couple of times. I guess it will just take time. And we got another "new" outside cat today. Our cat that used to be an inside cat, Tinkm got introduced to the outdoors today. His constant whining finally got him somewhere. We brought him back in for night, since the little triplets are in the cage, where the cat house is. Now he's back to staring out the window, without the constant meows. Maybe he knows that tomorrow he will get another chance at the big wide world. Or maybe he's tired out from a day of play. Either way, I'm happy to have Tink in the house and the kittens back in there cage, where I can keep them safe just a little bit longer.

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