Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motercycles, Sushi and One Strange Book

Moterecycles, Sushi and One Strange Book is the first book in the RL series by Nancy Rue.
The story is the life of Jessie Hatcher, a 15 year old girl with ADHD living with her bi-polar mother. When Jessie is given the shocking news that her father is back in town and wants to meet her, it sends her world crashing. When her mom is taken to the mental hospital, Jessie goes to live with her dad in Saint Augustine, Florida. There she meets new friends, learns to master the art of sushi, get along with a less then easy to get along with sister and sees the sights from the back of a motercycle, and finds RL. The main characters in this book are Jessie, Rocky, Weezie, Jessie's dad Lou, Rose and Bonsai, her sushi teacher. The minor characters include Jessie's mom Brooke, her friend Chelsea, her friend Marcus, Jessie's grandpa, Simone, Emma, Katrina, Travis, and Hank. Jessie overcame the challenges of her ADHD, and learned to accept herself as who she was, a child of God. My favorite character is Rocky. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not. he's real and honest. My favorite scene in this book comes at the end of the book were Jessie is finally sure of herself enough to stand up to her mom. I really liked this book becaause of how relatable the characters are and the real life answers RL gives. I would totally recommend this book. I loved it. I would rate it 4.8. Not quite a 5 because sometimes it was hard to follow Jessie's thoughts but all over, a totally amazing book.

Again, Nancy Rue has blown me away. This book definatly goes on my list of favorites

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Jocelyn said...

That seems interesting... have you heard of the book "Finding Alice" by Melody Carlson? This book sounds a little like that one. That is a very good book too!