Friday, July 2, 2010

Nancy Rue!!!!!!!!

Well since I'm going to be doing the book reviews (motercycles, sushi and one strange book and boyfriends,burritos and an ocean of trouble, both by Nancy Rue) I thought I would show you a little bit about who Nancy is. I did the author spotlight a while back (I'm not sure how to add a link so you can just find it. I think it will be on the side, under author spotlight) anyway that has some Q and A's with Nancy. In case you didn't know, Nancy is a tween, teen and adult fiction writer. Here are some pictures of Nancy, to prepare you for the book reviews, on July 7 and 13.

Here are some of the other books Nancy has written.
This is the picture of Nancy Rue, as seen on the back of her books

And this is a lovely picture of Nancy, on one of her many travels. I personally really love this picture.
Can't wait until I can do the first review. I'm counting the days!

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