Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chloe's superhero

At coffee break yesterday, I met an adorable little girl named Chloe. She has blond hair and a gapped tooth smile, and she is totally cute. She was sitting at my table for snacks, and crafts, and that was when I got to know this little sweetie. The first thing we were talking about was age. She told me I was old. I said I wasn't that old, but she told me that I wasn't very little either. I had to agree with that, I'm not very little anymore. Then, as I was eating some animal crackers, she told me that teacher's don't eat. Of course, I answered that one by eating another cracker. I guess it's sort of like when you see your teacher outside of school for the first time. It's kind of hard to believe that they actually have a life, and don't live inside of school. It's hard to comprehend that they eat and have a family and go grocery shopping. When I couldn't figure out the tape on one of the crafts, she said, "Ms. Michelle, teacher can't figure this out!" and as I got my coat and bag to leave, she crawled over to me. "You're leaving?" I told her I was, but that I would see her next week. It was funny, how she saw me as a super human kind of person. to Chloe, it didn't matter where I was in life, or what was happening in my life. to Chloe, I was a superhero, of sorts. In her eyes, it didn't matter how everyone else saw me. It didn't matter who I was or what was going on. when Chloe looked at me, it was like she believed in me. and when I saw that, I knew that it didn't matter who I was to everyone else, in Chloe's eyes, I was some sort of superhero. and that's ok with me.

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