Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to the world, Baby Maeryn

Welcome to the world, baby Maeryn Julienne! Nancy Rue's a grandma! That's right, her granddaughter, baby Maeryn, was born on Friday afternoon, weighing 8 pounds 4 1/2 ounces. So welcome to this world, baby Maeryn. You are one very blessed, very beautiful and very very loved baby girl. I can't wait to see where this world will take you, sweet baby.

Learning of baby Maeryn's birth seems like a good way to start off what I was originally going to post about today, new beginings. I was thinking today about how many blessings I have in my own life. I was thinking about how people have come into my life that have shown me love in new ways and blessed my life in ways I could have never imagined. and I was thinking about how, no matter what happens to me in this life, there are two things that can't be taken from me. No one can take away who I am, who I know I am in my heart, and the faith and relationship I have with Jesus. I learned that I need to give everything I am to God, daily, and be re-born. I know that no matter where I go, I am never alone. and that after the rain, there will be sunshine. It's there, just beyond the clouds. Things have changed in my life. God has brought people into my life I probably wouldn't have picked to be there if I had done it myself, but who have blessed my life in ways I could have never imagined. They are showing me God's love in a very real way. All I can say is "Thank you."
Things would have gone different if I was writing the script for my own life. But after the rain, there is sunshine. As I sit and think about my life, looking back now, I wouldn't have changed it. The things that happened before only make me realize how blessed I am to have the things I have now, and appreciate them more. There are amazing people in my life who believe in me. there are people in my life who are showing me God's love. and I know that, no matter what happens, I am not alone. I have people who love me, and a God who loves me and will never leave me. Even if I have lost everything, I have not lost God. This is a new begining. I can't wait to see what will happen in my life. I am excited and optimistic. I have found blessings in unexpected places. All I can say is "Thank you," Because I am over whelmed with all the blessings I am experiencing. After the storm, there is sunshine. I know that storms will come again in my life. but I know that, no matter what the storms bring, there is nothing that can seperate me from the love of God. That's enough to carry me through. I can rest in His arms. I can be surrounded by the wonderful people He has brought into my life. and I can rest knowing that there will always be sunshine beyond the clouds. I am set free, and I can have a new begining. So, baby Maeryn, let's start this journey of new life together, basking in blessings and surrounded by love. Because no matter what, we will always be daughters of the King, and we will always be loved. Nothing, not even the storms, can change that


Nancy Rue said...

Oh, Alisha -- that is beautiful. I am, of course, crying. If Baby Maeryn turns out to be half as loving and wise and faithful as you are, she will be a blessing to this world. I know Marijean will appreciate your overflow of love in this post, as do I. You are truly a marvelous daughter of God. Blessings, Nancy Rue

Tess said...

That is so beautiful Alisha!!!!