Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All that is bitter and sweet

Today, I was sitting down to do school. a normal occurance in a day of the life of me. So I picked up my math book, and after spending nearly 10 minutes trying to figure out this stupid thing, I decided to consult the answer key. I don't normally do this, but today's problems were really tough, and sometimes just looking at the answer key and seeing how they did a problem helps me figure it out too. So I was looking at the answer key. and I sort of got it. But After about 6 of these dumb problems, I realized my blood sugar was dropping. Good reason to stop math? I think so. I finished up the page and shut the book, going on to make myself a bagel. SO... Here's what I think. I shouldn't have to do anymore of this math if it makes my blood sugars go low. I know it's a shot in the dark, and I probably won't stop, but it sounds good at the moment. Once I get it, I actually like it. It's the learning part that's hard. And I think my math book could explain it better. Or at least use those little cartoon picture things. Yeah, it's safe to say math was not my friend today. Sometimes it is, but today, it was not.
But... what I am thankful for today...

  • Missions team meeting tonight!!!

  • Today, at coffee break, I spent the morning spoiling little girls. A great start to any day

  • Hiding Easter eggs, a cheap thrill

  • Yummy food

  • Getting music that is, supposedly, going to make me smarter (see if it works)

  • Great friends that make me happy

  • Now, relaxing. What's that saying about all work and no play? Well, this is the play part :)

Have an amazingly wonderful rest of the day, and don't forget to smile (Even if you are faced with evil math books that are out to get you)

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Catie said...

I know what you mean! I am not very fond of math either, especially today. Ugh.