Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing... the Princess

Did you watch the Royal wedding? I didn't get up to watch it at 3:00am, but I am watching those re-runs and re-caps and all that. I think there's something almost magical about the Royal Wedding. The guests arrived, the groom, and Prince Harry, took their places, and then, the beautiful Bride. There she is, the soon to be Princess Kate, stunning. The dress, the cake, the church, everything was beautiful. Today, a common girl became a Princess. Maybe she dreamed of being a princess when she got older, like most little girls. There she was, before just a regular girl, now a Princess. The world watched as Kate Middleton became Princess Kate. There has to be something special about her if the whole world watched her wedding. There has to be something magical and captivating and beautiful. Today, Kate became a Princess. She became a wife. I can only imagine that moment, when the whole world was watching her, and she was watching her groom. A real life fairytale. Or we would like to think so. She get's it all, the Prince sweeping her off her feet, every little girl's dream. Does that mean there's no luck for everyone else? Who won't marry princes and live in castles and become princesses? And then I realize. I am a Princess. Maybe I don't get to wear a crown or have a royal wedding, but I am a Princess. I am God's Princess, His Beautiful Bride. To Him, I am stunning. I am the One He can't help but marvel over. I am His, and one day, I will go and live in the castle. Like Cinderella, I will be taken away and live with my King. So I started out as a commoner. I started out as just another girl. Then my Prince came and won my heart and I became something more, a Princess. I may not get the crown or a royal wedding or a horse drawn carriage, but I am a Princess. Just a simple girl, falling in love with a Prince and becoming... A Princess

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Bookworm said...

That was such a beautiful post! So true. :)