Saturday, October 15, 2011

How can I?

How can I focus on the difficult when I have...
This guy, who loved the most precious little girl with me

This girl, who is amazing and a whole bunch of kinds of wonderful

This guy, who always brings me back to the truth

This girl, who makes me proud to be her friend

This guy, who can make me crack up at his 'randomness' This girl, who can brighten my day with a single comment

This guy, who has the best quotes

How, I would like to know, did I get such an amazing group of friends?


Sara Beth said...

That's what I think about whenever I'm down: my friends. I would be living in a lonely depressing world if I didn't have the most amazing friends I have! Such a swee post!
--Sara Beth

Trinka said...

It is amazingly comforting to have friends isn't it? :D I love the friends I have, and am SOOOO thankful for them!!!!
Ps: I like this post :)