Thursday, October 20, 2011

This crazy thing I call my life...

I am a student. I am a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin and a friend.

My favorite color changes with my mood. But I love grey and pink and purple and orange and yellow, no matter what.

My favorite foods are chicken and pasta and bagels. I love them all and have the feeling that I could eat them every day and not get sick of them, for a while anyway.

I love my family. Sometimes they annoy me, and I think I don't need them, but no matter how old I get I will always need them.

I love my friends. They are amazing and wonderful and I blessed to have them in my life. I don't think they have any idea how amazing they are. I need them too.

I love walks and fall weather. I love walking into a library because it feels like magic. I love walking into a store with a whole bunch of soaps, because it smells wonderful.

I like sparkles (Not as much wearing them as looking at them.) and anything that can be classified as cute or cozy. I like hugs.

I like watching movies, and reading, and hanging out with my friends because they always make me laugh. I also love music, and quotes, and random quizzes because it makes me feel like I'm being interviewed and that makes me feel importent.

I have a wierd habit of chewing on my tongue when we walk down the laundry soap aisle of the grocery store.

I love eating at Subway, even though I get the same thing every time. But why mess with a good thing, right?

I love writing, and one day I want to be published, to be known. I also have a wierd connection to my characters and that makes me a little crazy at times.

I love being happy, and having that wierd giddy feeling when something amazingly happy happens and you can no longer hold in the joy so you just start laughing and dancing around your room. But as much as I love being happy, I think it's ok to just be.

I love Jesus, most of all.

I have a strange Thursday night obsession with Grey's Anatomy. When I am watching Grey's, don't talk to me. seriously! I am in my happy place and when you interrupt that, I will probably get mad at you.

I hate wearing socks, no matter how cold it is outside. The only time I wear socks is with my running shoes. And when I wear heels, it makes me feel like Addison Montgomery, though I don't know why.

I'm a hopeful romantic. I love getting flowers. I love getting letters and cards, through email or snail mail, but there's something exciting about going to the mailbox and getting a letter.

I hate being alone in the dark, in the quiet, because then I realize just how alone I am, and I hate that.

Usually when I come back from a doctors appointment and it didn't go the way I wanted, I will get needy. I will want to be by myself, but when no one is there I wish someone was. And I won't know what to say, but I need someone to give me a hug. But no one knows that because I don't say anything.

I hate beginings, and endings, but I love that time in the middle. I hate the unknown, but sometimes knowing scares me even more. And sometimes, I kind of hate this crazy thing I call my life. But I know that no matter what, I am stronger then I was before, and that by walking down this road I'll learn things I never would have otherwise. And that, I can definatly appreciate.

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