Friday, August 31, 2012

The Sparkle of Vegas ~ Part 2

We arrived in Vegas close to midnight. I had been on the plane pretty much all day, I was tired, I was grumpy, all I wanted was to get to our hotel and climb into bed and sleep.
And then we hit the Strip...
and the dazzling lights were enchanting, even in the late hours that stood before tomorrow's arrival like guards shepherding in a princess, and there were still people walking about in every direction.

This is the city that never sleeps, nestled in the desert, filled with nightclubs and lights. This town is where anything is possible, where the tall, luxurious  buildings and the bold entertainers dare you to dream big. It is where the hot sun beats down on your back long enough and you begin believing you can do the impossible.
Even at midnight this town is far from losing her sparkle. Even at midnight her lights beckon you to come a little closer, to fall into their trance, maybe stay a while.

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