Monday, December 10, 2012

"The Great Love of My Life has a malfunctioning G-tube"

I'm sitting here afraid to cough, or sneeze, or move in the wrong way.
One of my greatest fears was confronted today.
This morning, my g-tube got caught on something while I was moving and got pulled out. The balloon was still inflated, it just wasn't inside my body anymore.
After that first moment of pain, when I actually saw that my tube was no longer inside of me, my reaction was, "Oh crap!"
I started shaking, and crying, and I called my mom.
Both of my parents were at work, and no one else was home. I was freaking out.
My dad called and talked me through how to put a new tube in (Which wasn't the easiest thing to do when my hands were shaking and stomach fluids were leaking out)
Long story short, I got a new tube in. I was staying drugged up on Advil and any pressure on my stomach hurt really bad.
Tonight it's really loose. I'm afraid if I move the wrong way, or cough, or sneeze something will go wrong and the tube will come out again.
I'm sitting here, all wrapped up in tape and bandages.
I have a malfunctioning G-tube. And suddenly so much depends on the malfunctioning G-tube.

"So much depends upon the transparent G-tube erupting from the gut of the blue-lipped boy. So much depends upon the observer of the universe.”

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