Monday, May 19, 2014

Music is what healing sounds like (The Melodic Caring Project)

I've expressed before how much I love the Melodic Caring Project
I'm proud not only to be a rock star and see what they do first hand, but also to be an ambassador for this amazing organization and help raise awareness
The people at MCP have become like a second family to me. They are so amazing, supporting me and sending me love.
So when I got the email after my 3rd concert with MCP asking if I would write a little bit about my experience, I jumped at the chance
The real problem came when I was forced to sit down in front of the computer screen and try to put into words just what this beautiful organization has meant to me
I managed to write a brief letter, which was recently published on their site.
I hope that it helps you see, just a little bit, how amazing this organization is
I could go on forever about how great this project is, and how amazing the staff is and about all the incredible artists who put on these concerts for sick kids. But instead I will just say I am one of the luckiest girls in the whole world to get to be a part of something so beautiful and life changing.

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