Friday, January 27, 2012

7 quick takes

1. I never thought I would be one to do 7 quick takes. But it seems as though this day is in need of 7 quick takes, if I want to blog at all. So here's my first edition of 7 quick takes, and we'll see where it takes me.

2. I had my last exam yesterday, and got my grades today. Passed all 3 of my courses, with my highest grade coming in (Of all things) math. I am so proud of myself and all the work I've done this year, and the grades I've come out with at the end of this semester. I am so ready for these few days of break before the next semester starts, but I am equally as ready to see what this next semester has in store for me.

3. Last night was a rough night for me. I was sick, and felt like I'd just been run over by a truck. I was tired, and irritable, and angry at people who really didn't even do anything. I stayed home instead of going out, and despite how needed that rest was for me I still felt upset about not being able to do all these things that 'normal' people do. It was one of those nights when there really isn't anything to do, except wait, and try to keep yourself from breaking right down the middle, and pray tomorrow will be better.

4. Yesterday after my exams, my mama and I went out for lunch and to do some shopping. If you know me, you know I can't pass up the opportunity to go into a book store. So we went into the bookstore, and I picked up a really interesting book. It's called Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult. I won't spoil too much, but I'm really loving it so far.

5. In the book I mentioned above, the little girl in the story, Willow, has this wierd ability to recite facts. She loves facts, and I've loved learning about all these new facts while I'm reading this book.In the book, in one part, Amelia (Willow's sister) says "I was starting to see why you carried around those stupid facts like other kids dragged around security blankets- if I repeated them over and over, it almost made me feel better. I just wasn't sure if that was because it helped to know something, when the rest of my life seemed to be a big question mark, or because it reminded me of you." So last night, when I was lying awake wracking my brain to think of some way to calm myself down enough so I could relax, I started reciting facts. It was kind of a silly thing to do, especially at 12:30am when your heart is beating so fast you can hear it echoing in your ears and everyone else is asleep and the world around you it pitch black, but it worked. Maybe knowing something when your life feels like a big question mark might help you too. Here's a few of my favorites from the book: Frogs have to close their eyes to swallow, Fourty thousand people get hurt by toilets every year, If you need substitute for blood plasma, you can use the goop inside coconuts, Dissolvable stitches are made from animal guts, a man who went over Niagra Falls in a barrel in 1911 and broke nearly every bone in his body later slipped on a banana peel in New Zealand and died from the fall.

6. In regards to my book, yes it's almost done. My Mom's friend (And my friend's mom) is going to read it and help me with any final touches, and then we just have to put it all together (As in I need to get the final copy of the cover, and design it the way I want it on CreateSpace and then send it in and then I can order the proof) If I want to get my free copies I need to have it in by June, but I don't see that as being a problem.

7. so that wraps up my first edition of 7 quick takes. I hope I didn't bore anybody to death with all my rambling

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