Friday, January 6, 2012

Popcorn and Pedicures

Today I went to see my mentor, Paula. We usually try to get together on Friday's, and since I'm still on Christmas break (Don't go back till Monday) I was able to arrive on her doorstep at 10:30. Jaxon came along to play with her daughter and we set up the foot baths, poured the coffee, popped the popcorn and snuggled down into the chairs in the living room. I stayed there for nearly 4 hours. We talked, and painted our nails, and ate. My toes are happily painted in blue with shimmering sparkles, and my feet are soft, but more importently, my soul is refreshed. Despite how lovely it is to go there and take care of myself, when I go there I get something more then happy feet.
I love it there, her little house. I love the old barnwood style floors, and the word create on the wall with the definition. I love the organized chaos. But more then that, I love the people. When I'm there I feel safe. I don't have to think, or care. I don't have to pretend, or hide. I can be me, and I can relax and let my guard down for a while, and just be.

P.S, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice both started again last night! Finally, my Mcdreamy addiction was fufilled!

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