Sunday, July 8, 2012

Push for your tush walk ~ a girl with GSD who wants to cure cancer

I did something today I thought I'd never do... I walked a 5K
It was only supposed to be a 1K, but once I got going, I felt like I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't at least try to make it all the way
So I walked, and walked, and nearly an hour later I crossed the finish line, gasping for air with my head held high
I recorded a message in my phone after we'd finished the race, and I said to myself "You will not believe how proud you are of yourself in this moment."
And I was so proud of myself...
It was a 5K to raise money for Colon Cancer. That was what my grandma passed away from, 4 years ago today. It started out as a family walk, something we were all going to do together.
But our little dysfunctional family isn't all so speedy, so we all split up, some crossing the line first and some of us limping along at the back of the pack
But as I began walking, it wasn't just about raising money for Colon Cancer.
It was about my grandma, and my friend Spencer, and my friend Emily, and for everyone who doesn't get to be a person here on earth anymore
It was about all of my friend's who are spending today in hospital beds or in wheelchairs, and who would give almost anything to be able to walk around for a day
It was about my friend Crystal and my friend Dre - who have had cancer, and who are fighting cancer, and who are surviving
It was about me, and spending my life defying the odds, and living outside of those lines and pushing myself and not giving up
When I crossed that finish line, the sense of pride and accomplishment that was there was amazing. I felt like I had done something that I didn't think I could do. Yeah, I'm sick and I was exhausted and didn't feel the greatest and it was hot... but I can.
I can walk and I can fight for a cure, so that other people don't have to go through a battle with cancer. I can fight for everyone who has cancer, so that they can fight for themselves and they can survive. I can walk for everyone who doesn't get to be a person anymore.
I walked a 5K today, because I can.
I defied the odds, I crossed the line, I tried and I made it
If I could have captured that feeling in a picture - the feeling i had as i crossed the line - the picture would be worth a million dollars. It would be a picture of pride, of accomplishment, of success.
But above all of those things, it would be the picture of a fighter... and a survivor

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