Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Purple Eye Shadow

On Sunday, I went for the dramatic look. I wore this purple eye shadow that actually looked really good. But one of the first things my family (Mainly my dad and my brother) said when I came up that morning, "Wow, where'd you get the black eye?"
I was reminded of that today, when Natalie Lloyd wrote her blog post, about pink lipstick and black eyes.
Sometimes the best thing to do when life throws you a curve ball is to put on that dramatic eye shadow, or that pink lipstick.
Like last night, it was a night for me when I was just feeling everything. I was watching private practice when I got frustrated at my hair. It just really bothered me, and I wanted nothing more then to grab scissors and give myself a haircut (Would have regretted that!) Instead, I spent half an hour sitting in front of the mirror getting my hair to look like Audrey Hepburn (Or so I say)
I remember my friend Paula's daughter saying once that if you're having a bad day you just need to put on some lipstick.
But isn't that sometimes the best thing to do? Put on some lipstick and get over it? Be creative, go for the bold, artsy look with your eye shadow, style your hair like a 50's and 60's icon?
Yeah, bad days are going to come. I'm going to spill on my shirt and my eye liner is going to attack my eye and I'm going to find out my classes for school start at 9:00am.
I'm going to get crazy medical reports and I can't untangle myself from yesterday's mistakes and I fall flat on my face.
But sometimes the best thing to do is get back up, and get back out there. Be girly, be crazy, be artsy and bold and passionate and creative and totally me... Because God still loves me.
His love for me is crazy, and I'm only now starting to realize it.
I've been thinking about God's love for me a lot lately, and I can't help but smile to myself sometimes. It's great to be moved by God's love.
So if you're brave enough to walk out that front door, to wear dramatic eye shadow, to have a modeling shoot in your basement even though you're not the most graceful person out there, to tell the guy you like how you feel, to be loud and outspoken and proud... there are going to be times when it hurts. But God's love doesn't change. Rest in His love, in His comfort, in His peace and promises.
Then go put on that lipstick and get back out there!


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