Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Scar

I'm walking out the door to go see the doctor and get blood taken in under an hour. I'm getting kind of tired of posting every day, so maybe I'll do only every other day. I had a wierd freak out last night about it being the first of June. June means summer. June sounds like it's *so close* to when we leave on the missions trip, even though that's not until July.

Check out this video. It's become one of my favorites in the past little while. It's of Paige Armstrong (The girl in the picture.)She's a singer/song writer/ soon to be author who had a life threatening cancer when she was 11. She had a wish granted by the make a wish foundation and wished to record a CD. So watch this video and maybe you'll be as inspired as I am by this amazing young woman.

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