Wednesday, November 16, 2011

32000 ~ Here's the Diagnosis...

They remind you of the things you know you know. They love you through the times when you honestly don't know. They're my friends, the family I chose for myself. They are the people who claim me, the good and the bad. Nothing totally feels real until I run it by them, not new diagnosises or changes. When I tell them, it's finally like it's real, it's happening, and I'll be ok. No matter how bad it is, I'll get through it because I have them to lean on. Thanks Ministry team, for being the best friends I could ask for. You've loved me through the tough times and reminded me of those things I know that I know but tend to forget when obstacles rise up in front of me.
With that said, it's time I share my new diagnosis with the world, after disclosing it to my team tonight and having it all sink in, and gaining the strength to face it.
I have been diagnosed with esophagitis (The big fancy medical name for it.) Breaking it down it is basically chronic inflamation and ulcers of the esophogus. It won't ever fully go away. I could tell you all the statistics I found (Been googling non-stop since I got the diagnosis) but I'll spare you all that medical talk. Know that it could have been much worse, but what it ended up being is still not good. It almost feels like to me as if we are treading on thin ice.
I know I should be grateful that it only is what it is. But my world has shifted, I have lost my footing, and I’m kind of busy trying to adjust to this new way of life right now to be thankful for what it only is.
Thanks all for your prayers and support over this last little while. I appreciate it.

Quote in italics is from the book I'm writing...

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Trinka said...

Hey girl! I'll keep on praying for you, just know that we love you! :)