Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Volume 4

1. As you probably already know, I read the Hunger Games. I can tell why they're popular. They're definatly amazing. I flew through the first two very quickly (2 books in 2 days) But the third one took me longer to get through. I didn't find it as good as the others. But I can totally understand why people love them, the first book was AMAZING.
2. I went shopping yesterday. Paula and I went into town, looking for tanktops for a project we want to do. We didn't find any tanktops, but I did find some cute shoes. I found one pair I want to glitterize, and another pair I just want to wear. The ones I got to wear, they're high, and I may break my neck trying to walk (Ok, not really!) but they are super cute and I love them. So I got shoes.
3. I've been writing this post for over a week now, slowly adding to my numbers. We'll see if I ever make it all the way to 7.
4. I just finished the book This Lullabye by Sarah Dessen. It's a book where when you finally get to the end you just want to go "Awe..." It also made me wish it was night so I could stare out my window and look at the stars and contemplate life.
5. The Hunger Games movie comes out today, and as I scrolled through facebook today I kept seeing status's about how excited people are for going to see the movie tonight. I am not going to see the movie tonight, But instead opting for supper out and then curling up with a good movie, but I do want to see the Hunger Games movie. So to everyone whose going to see it tonight, have fun and don't spoil it for me!
6. My feet are purple. It reminds me of something my friends said on Wednesday, about shoes bringing out the color of your eyes. So I wonder if I wear a purple shirt, will it bring out the purple in my feet? On second thought, let's just wear socks and warm up my ice cold, purple feet.
7. I finally made it to 7. This post took a while to write, simply because I thought I had nothing to say. It turns out you don't always need something to say, you need to just listen. So I'm grateful to be here... right now. Life is full of sweetness and sorrows and sometimes words aren't needed, sometimes you need to just listen.
P.S I think by the end of this I was maybe just rambling on because I needed something to say, SO this might be the lamest 7 quick takes to date... just sayin' :)

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