Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012 is not my passion...

But it should be. Humanity is crying out for justice. The battle is here, in
this decade, in this year, in this broken world. There is a challenge waiting
for me, right here, right now, to respond.
I imagine there were many who murmured to the abolitionists, "The
freedom ofthose slaves... it's not my passion..." or during the Holocaust,
"i'm not evenpart Jewish..." It's easy for us now to look back, and cry to the ones whoshould have spoken up against injustice, "it's so clear!"*

When my children one day look back on this year, on this act
of injustice, on little children being taken away from their homes and
families andforced to become soldiers and slaves, will the thought of it be
as horrible tothem as the thought of the Holocaust is to me? I want to be
able to tell them this injustice broke my heart too
*Quote and Idea Taken from Prolife is not my passion

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