Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm kind of a wimp (Yesterday's surgical procedure)

It's confirmed, I'm a wimp. I sat here for a while trying to think up the perfect way to tell you about the minor surgery I got yesterday (Tube change)
After trying multiple times and never finding the right words, I decided to youtube it and see if I could find any videos. I did find some, but then I decided not to show them because none of the kids in the videos screamed. Which kind of makes me the biggest wimp ever.
So yeah, I got my tube changed yesterday. And I'm pretty sure I'm a wimp because the kids in the videos just grimaced and tightened their muscles and made some wierd noise. I, on the other hand, had to be held down (Ok, not literally, but my dad did have to hold both my hands so I wouldn't lunge for the tube.)
So instead of the video, I'm just going to try and describe it, and try to make myself not sound like the wimp I am.
So we were going to change the tube. I think half the battle was talking myself into it. Finally, the show was about to begin. The tube was drained, and my dad held my hands, and the tube was pulled out. In that moment, it hurts. Right in that second as the tube it being pulled out it hurts in a way I can't even describe. All these thoughts go through your head in those few seconds and it's almost like everything else fades away and every part of you is focused on this one thing. And then it's over. The pain begins to let up and you can breathe again and it's over and there's this sigh of relief that comes. I took Motrin before so this time I had minimal after effects (Last time I didn't and had this awful headache and I was really dizzy) so this time I was only a little dizzy. Today I'm a little sore, but nothing to bad.
So that was my minor surgical procedure yesterday.

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Trinka said...

You are so totally not a wimp. Because if you are, that would make me a mega-wimp... I'd have cried, screamed, and refused to go. :P