Thursday, April 5, 2012

Starting over

I think I'm starting over.
I've started this blog post countless times, every time leaving with either a mess of words in a draft or a blank page.
But now, with Christian music playing in my ears and hope in my heart, I feel good. I'm starting over, slowly picking up the pieces and figuring out where I'm going next. Today... I'm thankful.
I'm thankful for new life
I'm thankful for those still and quiet places that God uses to speak to my heart
I'm thankful for Spring Break!
I'm thankful tonight is a Grey's night
I'm thankful for this day, and I'm hopeful and despite being broken and stripped of everything I thought was most stable, I'm starting over.
I'm learning that the only thing that is really stable is Jesus.
I'm learning that though the storms may rage and I may be broken into a million pieces, the one thing that never fails is the unfailing love God has for me.
I'm learning that it's never too late to start over again, and sometimes you have to come to the end of yourself to be exactly where you need to be.

 But Your love, your love the only thing that matters is your love, your love is all I have to give your love is enough to light up the darkness its your love your love all i ever needed its your love
You're the hope in the morning You're the light when the night is falling You're the song when my heart is singing Its your love

lyrics from Your love by Brandon Heath

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