Monday, March 21, 2011

Haircuts and Mangos

It started out like any other Monday Morning. Ok, not any other monday morning. Most monday morning's I do not dream about being in buildings that are collapsing while, along with some of the kids in my youth group, trying to rescue my little brother from some people from another country who had taken him hostage. So This morning did not start out like any other monday. But after I woke up, it did carry on as any other Monday would have. So, I got up, ate a bowl of Corn Flakes and started school. I had a lot of tests, so it didn't take very long, and I finished just after lunch, which was a pita, in case you care. Earlier in the day, we had made a plan to not say anything mean to anybody else. well, planning on sticking to that deal, I locked myself in my room and began writing a story. I wrote for a few hours, until my hand was aching, my brain wasn't forming complete words and I had to keep scribbling out every second word because of spelling errors. I came out into the kitchen, where my sister was eating a mango, well trying to eat a mango. The thing is, she doesn't like mango's. BUT, she thought she did, SO she got one. and now she had to eat it. She was doing everything to avoid eating that mango. I, being a wonderful amazing sister who planned on sticking to her plan, kept my mouth shut. While she was giving the mango the evil eye, my mom made some comment about needing to cut my bangs. Well that planted the seed in my head and, as you can probably guess, out came the scissors and goodbye went part of my bangs.
So, you are probably wondering why I'm writing about mango's and haircuts. Good Question. I don't know. I'm hoping that when I write this something amazingly profound is going to come out and I am going to sound smart. Don't you think that there should be an importent life lesson in mango's and haircuts. I would say it is don't give into peer pressure, but my mom didn't pressure me to cut my hair. I would say it is don't buy something you don't like, but you never know unless you try. I would say that change is bad, but it's not, because I have amazing bangs and if there was no change there would only be vanilla ice cream. So change. I, for one, hate change. If everything would stay the same, I would be happy. But like I said, if there was no change there would only be vanilla ice cream and I would have no rocking bangs.
~Is still waiting for something profound to come out of her mouth~
So, I asked some of my friends on SBW what profound thing could come out of mango's and haircuts, and this is what I got
:the day you eat your first mango, your hair grows nine inches
:Don't get mango juice in your hair cut
:I had a very very bad mango today
:I should eat a mango since my hair is short from chemo... hmmm

So that's about all my profound advice for the day.
1. Embrace change. without it, there would be only vanilla icecream
2. The day you eat your first mango, you're hair grows 9 inches (Hmm)
3. Don't get mango juice in your hair cut

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