Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing... Erynn Mangum!!!

Ok, here it is, the interview with Christian Author, Erynn Mangum! The questions are in purple, and her answers are in pink. Hope you guys enjoy reading this interview as much as I did making it How did you become a Christian? I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ when I was very small. Growing up, I always felt a little self-conscious about my "boring" testimony. But now that's what I pray for for my son! Ha! What is your favorite Bible verse? Oh goodness - this changes on a daily basis! My all-time favorite chapter will always be Psalm 121. Tell us about your family. How do they play a part in your career, and your life? My family plays a HUGE part in my life and so they are definitely a huge part of my career! My mom and my husband are by far my biggest encouragers (aka enforcers!) to get me to write. My mom watches Nathan (my eight-month-old son) once a week so I can get some work done. I'm so thankful for that! Did you take anything in College that helped you become an author? I didn't actually go to college. Starting my senior year of high school, I began taking courses through the Christian Writers Guild and took those for three years. I went to many, many, MANY writer's conferences and learned as much as I could! How did you decide to write the kind of books that you do? Ha! It was actually an accident! I was working on a suspense story when one day I just sat down and started writing the opening lines to Miss Match. I had so much fun writing about Lauren that I eventually stopped working on the suspense so I'd have more time to write her story. If you could say one thing that everyone would hear, what would it be? Love Christ. If you love Him first and foremost, everything else will fall into place. How do you get inspiration for your books? Just by living my life. I hang out with friends, I go get coffee, I read. I get inspired by things God is teaching me. I get about 756 ideas a week, so ideas are NEVER my problem! How do your two series, the Maya Davis series and the Lauren Hollbrooke series, differ and how are they the same? They are the same in that they are both about girls who love God and love coffee. They are different in that they have two very unique personalities, friends and situations. Lauren is very much a people person and anyone can be a best friend. Maya tends to be more of a loner and has a select group of people she confides to and that's it. What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Well, before my son was born, I would have said to go shopping and to a movie and then dinner out. Now that Nathan is here, I think I'd pick a day in my pajamas and takeout. Ha! :) Who is your hero? My grandmother. She took care of my grandfather for ten long years while he suffered with Alzheimer's. She set the biggest example of what a real marriage looks like to me! If you could do one thing and not fail, what would it be? Skydiving. :) If you could write a book that everyone would read, what would it be? Of ones that have been written already? I think I wish I would have written Go, Dog, Go! :) Are you writing any books right now? If so, can you give us a hint to what they will be about? I'm ALWAYS working on something new! I've got a new young adult series coming out in September that I'm so excited for! What are your plans for the future? I'm praying that God has me still writing, still being a mom and still just LOVING my life!

Thanks for answering these questions, Erynn. I am a HUGE fan of your books, and really enjoyed getting this interview. It was an honor having you on my blog!

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Emii said...

What a great interview, Alisha! I'm going to see about ordering some of her books right now! Thanks a lot, and the questions & answers were great. :D